Final 10 Ideas

Listing in no particular order!

America's River Phase II
Expand the Mississippi River Museum campus with Rivers of America Museum, large screen theater, children's museum, science center, eco-tours, water taxis and river research center. Restore the Shot Tower, utilize the Brewery, introduce canals and boardwalks with restaurants, shops and recreational activities.

Bilingual Education Curriculum
Partner with local teachers, parents and university faculty to develop, establish and integrate an education curriculum of foreign language from early childhood through high school. Encourage every child in Dubuque to speak two languages upon high school graduation. Better prepare our future workforce and attract businesses to the area.

Community-wide Wireless
Make Dubuque a "wireless" city by creating community-wide wireless accessibility to the Internet, available to residents, businesses, law enforcement, governments and visitors. Encourage economic growth, attract businesses and retain young people, provide technology tools to fire and police for greater safety.

Community Health Center
Build a Community Health Center that would provide high quality affordable medical, dental and preventive care for all, regardless of ability to pay, for those who are uninsured and underinsured. The Center would provide laboratory and x-ray services, patient case management, pharmacy services, translation and transportation assistance.

Indoor/Outdoor Performing Arts Center
Build a state-of-the-art indoor and outdoor performing arts center to present the finest in music, opera, theater, dance and educational presentations. The facility could be constructed at The Port of Dubuque with true concert hall acoustics designed to serve local organizations, plus major touring artists and theater attractions.

Integrated Walking/Biking/Hiking Trail System
Create an integrated trail system throughout the Dubuque and Asbury communities to encourage recreation and wellness. Connect all of the trail systems to the Port of Dubuque Riverwalk, Heritage Trail, E.B. Lyons and Mines of Spain. Develop safe, paved trails, with a corresponding website and maps, plus restrooms, benches and bike racks.

Library Services Expansion
Expand city library services by renovating the historic portion of Carnegie Stout Library and establishing a new west-end location. Create space to expand the existing collection, increase computer/Internet resources and offer naturally lit reading areas and a coffee bar. Deepen the community's commitment to literacy for people of all ages.

Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services
Enhance and strengthen in- and out-patient mental health and substance abuse services, including children with ADHD and autism. Advocate for an improved system of funding for mental health and substance abuse services for all in need. Expand support services for children with ADHD and autism to become a year-round continuum of care.

Passenger Train Service
Develop a passenger train service for business and pleasure travel to out-of-town accommodations, meetings/convention, attractions or cultural events. Explore trains with fine dining and entertainment options to areas such as Chicago. Make it easier for tourists to visit our community via rail.

Warehouse District Revitalization
Identify a Warehouse District by converting buildings into multi-use structures containing businesses, restaurants, shops and residences. Develop a registry defining buildings in the district, and include information regarding ownership, past usage, present status and structural integrity. Encourage investment by potential developers.