About ENVIS10N


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The greater Dubuque area is a great place to live, work and play for over 60,000 people. In order to "stay great," we need to continually look ahead to our future, and think of ideas for all kinds of improvements, for our future and the future of our youth. The community visioning process allows for input from all citizens who want to be involved in sharing their ideas for improvement.

The process of discussing and generating ideas is open to anyone in the Tri-state area. Any community can become involved in ENVIS10N, if they feel that their ideas could have a positive impact on many people in the Tri-states. When we all work together, we make this entire area a better place for all our citizens.

The steps in your community visioning process

ENVIS10N is a grass-roots effort for all citizens of the Tri-states. By becoming involved in a group, and discussing your thoughts about ways to make greater Dubuque a better place to live, work and play … you will be contributing to the future.

The ENVIS10N process was kicked off with a free community breakfast on July 8, 2005. Visioning Tool Kits were distributed and explanations given for how to form a group and gather ideas. If you missed the breakfast, you were able to download the tool kit off of this Web site.

Community groups worked on their own over the summer and early fall months to discuss the questions, “Where do we go from here?” and “What’s next for Dubuque?” Each group was asked to submit their 10 best ideas for making Dubuque a better place to live, work and play.
All the ideas were submitted to a Selection Committee, who reviewed all suggestions and refined the list down to 100 ideas, then to 30 ideas, and finally to 10 ideas that could become community projects by 2010.

The 10 ideas were announced in early January 2006. Community groups stepped forward to become “owners” of the ideas and help build them into reality.